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Brian Pax Masasane



# You will attend 5day classes two hours a day, therefore attend once a week mentorship where you will be couched on trades you did


# As Soon you start with your class we
will start trading your account on your behalf


# Our Students Get 2 SMS daily Telling them what to trade and how much profit to make per trade
Thank you for paying a visit to our digital office, Our master trader always say's he has no doubt that every trader can become consistent because he knows the power of what made him. We wish to let you know that over the period of 1 year we have become the results of what we have thought, We pride in our Consistent profits. You wouldn't want to miss any of our seminar talks hosted by our best young consistent trader in south Africa Brian Pax Masasane his worthwhile. Our primary goal is to increase your understanding of Forex Trading environment as well to introduce and provide effortless, sustainable Forex Trading profits under TradeOnMyBehalf. Its very important that you know our background, Forex Holdings is your financial markets trading mentor being in business of improving lives of thousands of currency traders by providing knowledge to action on how currency markets are profitably traded under close one-on-one supervision. Brian Pax Masasane the mother and founder of Forex Holdings (Pty)Ltd still in his early twenties and has made fortune trading Markets, his a strategist and he is amongst the luckiest few consistent traders who have found the winning secret. His career quickly soared up when he was working at one of the biggest forex brokerage firm as account manger in 2013 were he learned the strategy used by institutions to manipulate markets to their favour, He fired his boss after executing the strategy on his personal trading account, therefore before he realised every one was at his door pleading for his assistance to help them trade profitably like him. His success worked to his close family and old friends best interests and they started queuing to his door asking to be mentored and thats when Forex Holdings (Pty)Ltd was born in 2015 being The Mentoring Centre, Teaching the same Trading Strategy he learned from His Ex-Boss He later on in 2016 have developed a software that he uses to Trade His Students Accounts remotely under his three months Mentoring Course that he now Provides

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I have been trading for almost 8Years, but i have never seen such before,your intraday strategy is the top of the range you are by far the best strategist i ever met, Telling the real secrets about the Markets. I have so much respect for you young man.

Donovan Ackerman

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There is a high level of risk involved with trading leveraged products such as forex and CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose more than your initial investment. You should not trade unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. When trading, you must always take into consideration your level of experience might consider going for our Forex master Course. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the Client can accept the Services and/or enter into the transactions in the country in which the Client is resident. If the risks involved seem unclear to you, please seek independent advice. Forex Signals and Course are strictly for Educational purposes. Please read our Terms Of Use. Risk Disclosure.
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